Photo courtesy of David Ramos
Photo courtesy of Phil Taylor
Photo courtesy of Taylor
Photo courtesy of Phil Taylor
Falconry Encounter   Voucher
Photo courtesy of David Ramos
Falconry Encounter   Voucher

Falconry Encounter - Voucher four

PLEASE NOTE - vouchers are NOT valid until a date and time for your encounter have been organised with Full Flight management.

This ticket covers the cost of a group of up to 6 people 

A 3 hour encounter at Full Flight Birds of Prey Centre!

This is the ULTIMATE encounter for anybody interested in the art of falconry. This encounter starts in our heritage-listed bluestone mews, where we will explore the rich history of falconry, including the unique tools and equipment which have remained in use through thousands of years.
You will have the opportunity to learn about the specialised equipment we use for handling our raptors, and get the chance to make some simple items yourself! A truly unique experience and a one-of-a-kind souvenir to take home!

Then, step out into the fields with Full Flight’s dedicated handlers as we explore the grounds of the centre, closely followed by our keen-eyed raptors. These birds follow along, flying to and from your glove as you go. A variety of owls, hawks and falcons will join us on our adventure, perching in nearby trees and posts as they wait for you to summon them. Watch them hunt their unique lures and witness a true master of the skies in action.

You’ll also get the amazing experience of flying a peregrine falcon – the fastest animal in the world! Watch as she speeds through the sky, coming within a hair’s breadth of onlookers as she hunts his lure.
Afterwards, don a thick leather gauntlet as our handsome wedge-tailed eagle flies to you! Stroke her sleek feathers and feel the weight of the largest raptor in Australia.

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