Due to a high demand , we are unable to offer this product until later in 2022.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Please keep an eye out on the page for our updates.

Personal encounters can be purchased here, in the form of vouchers. Personal encounters are suitable for all ages. 
Our personal encounters make a perfect gift for raptor-lovers, or just a great present for yourself!

Upon booking confirmation, you will have the whole centre to yourselves!

Tickets for various other Full Flight events are also available here, subject to availability. Please see our events page to see if an event is planned for the future!

Please note: The purchase of a personal encounters voucher is NOT confirmation of a booking date. Upon purchase, you will be contacted via e-mail in order to arrange a date and time that suits both you and Full Flight. We also encourage you to be aware that dates are subject to abvailability and due to increasing popularity we are at times booked out several weeks in advance. If you have an queries, please email Graeme at graeme@fullflight.com.au.

**We do not give refunds** However we are flexible in regards to booking dates and our vouchers are vaild for 12 months, or more if prearranged. 

To compare encounters, please refer to the PDF below:


All sessions at Full Flight Birds of Prey Centre fall under our Terms and Conditions, which can be viewed below:
Full Flight Terms and Conditions

Personal Encounter 1 - Voucher
Personal Encounter 1 - Voucher(Out of Stock)
Personal Encounter 2 - Voucher
Personal Encounter 2 - Voucher(Out of Stock)
Personal Encounter 3 - Voucher
Personal Encounter 3 - Voucher(Out of Stock)
Falconry Encounter - Voucher four
Falconry Encounter - Voucher four(Out of Stock)
Full Flight Birds of Prey
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