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About us 

Fullflight is a conservation organisation. Our focus is the preservation of native Australian wildlife, with emphasis on Raptors and their natural environment. We believe education is fundamental in understanding the importance of native animal protection.

Our native Australian animals are under consistent threat from introduced species, such as cats, as well as human interruption. It is fullflights’ ongoing ambition to spread awareness of the threats that our Australian raptors face.

Fullflight has a large range of native Australian raptors which we house, train and breed all at our centre, located 10 minutes out of Ballarat. But we haven’t always been here, Fullflight and its family has had a long journey to become the establishment it is today

Fullflight Origins

Fullflight was first established in New Zealand. The centre focused on rehabilitation and release of native kiwi birds, including; swamp harriers, keas, tuis, herons, kakariki, and a range of raptors. The centre also had a unique breeding program, including New Zealand Falcons and vagrant barn owls (non-native)

In 2002, Fullflight emerged for the first time in Australia, and began a new capacity of conservation in Victoria. This new phase of the organisation refocused on education and displays to the wider public.

The start of 2014 opened up a whole new era of Fullflight. Pest control and research into bird behaviour was never before utilised in such a progressive manner in the capacity of which Fullflight was attempting. First approached by Flemington racing industry and then the MCG, our raptors were used to move on seagulls, who were interrupting both the events, respectively. This was, and continues to, rely on natural ‘flight’ instinct, deriving from a predator/ prey relationship. This kind of pest control is labelled ‘compassionate conservation’, meaning neither species is harmed, while also providing a solution to a pest bird concern.

Today, Fullflight has a successful endangered species breeding program. We continue to educate the public about Australia’s native raptors and our education program extends into other states. We have developed our pest control program, continuing significant research which has taken our team around Australia, from Dubbo New South Wales, to Parliament house in Canberra.

Full Flight Birds of Prey
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