A whistling kite flies to the glove
Photo courtesy of Phil Taylor
Photo courtesy of Phil Taylor
Photo courtesy of Phil Taylor

Personal Encounter 2 - Voucher

PLEASE NOTE - vouchers are NOT valid until a date and time for your encounter have been organised with Full Flight management. 

This ticket covers the cost of a group of up to 4 people 

A 2 hour encounter at Full Flight Birds of Prey Centre!

This is our most popular session.
Encounter 2 begins with a tour of the Full Flight centre and our specialised raptor enclosures.

You will see a wide variety of raptor species, and get the chance to learn about Australia’s unique birds of prey.

Following the tour is a flight demonstration, where YOU will get the opportunity to participate in a specialised training session with our birds.

Our handlers will guide you as you fly a variety of owls, hawks and falcons. Watch our birds swoop and soar as they navigate the skies with ease.

Afterwards, don a thick leather gauntlet as our handsome wedge-tailed eagle flies to you! Stroke her sleek feathers and feel the weight of the largest raptor in Australia.

Price: $580.00
Quantity: 70
Full Flight Birds of Prey
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