Photo courtesy of Phil Taylor
A wedge-tailed eagle soars by
Photo courtesy of Phil Taylor
Photo courtesy of Nishan Wanigasekara
Personal Encounter 3   Voucher
Photo courtesy of Phil Taylor
Photo courtesy of Nishan Wanigasekara

Personal Encounter 3 - Voucher

We are now taking bookings for the 23/24 sesaon. Please be aware that only weekdays are available for your visit.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you purchase your voucher you MUST call to arrange a date for your encounter. Your Encounter is NOT booked until you receive confirmation from Full Flight Management.

Vouchers can be purchased at any time. If you have specific dates that you would like, please call first to check availability.

All bookings are subject to change due to weather conditions. You must call us the day before to ensure the event is able to go ahead, particularly if you are travelling.


This encounter covers the cost of 2 people. It is the most unique bird of prey encounter and is designed for those  enthusiasts who desire the ultimate raptor experience.

A 2.5 hour encounter at Full Flight Birds of Prey Centre!

Encounter three, begins with a tour of the Full Flight centre, along with a behind-the-scenes look at how the birds are managed and cared for.

Step into exclusive areas to get a glimpse at how our birds are fed, bred, and kept in top condition.
Depending on season, you may even get to see some fluffy owls or falcon chicks!

Following the tour is a flight demonstration, where you will get the opportunity to participate in a specialised training session with our Raptors..
You will participate in the handling and flying of a variety of raptors, including rare and endangered species.  

You will also get the amazing experience of flying a peregrine falcon – the fastest animal in the world! Watch as she speeds through the sky, coming within a hair’s breadth of onlookers as she hunts her lure.

And then, you will meet and fly the ultimate bird of prey, one of our Wedge Tailed Eagles! 



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